Walter B.Willis (10)

Bruce Willis, With Family Pictures, Daughters And Wife

Bruce Willis is the first child of the couple David Willis dam Warlene. Men was born in 19 March 1955, West Germany had a sister named Florence and two brothers David and More »

Bradley Cooper Body

Bradley Cooper, Famous Hollywood Actor Biography

Who does not know Bradley Cooper? yes, the handsome actor who was born in Philadelphia, January 5, 1975, Bradley Cooper is the couple’s son Charlie Cooper and Gloria Campano. The actor who More »

Rihanna (4)

Rihanna Us Young Singer, Actress, Producer, Director

A phenomenal singer, “Umbrella” was born right on 20th February 1988 in Saint Michael, Barbados. Born with the name Robyn Rihanna Fenty or nicknamed Riri. In fact, for a Rihanna also start More »

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Katy Perry Popular Singer Golden Vice With Beautiful Face

Katy Perry is one singer who is quite popular lately. She was one celebrity long enough to attract attention. This firework singer besides having a beautiful golden voice is also blessed with More »

Kate Moss hot

Kate Moss Super Model Of UK

Kate Moss is a woman who is known by her profession as a professional super model. Kate is one of the models from the UK. As long as she career as a More »

Bruce Willis, With Family Pictures, Daughters And Wife

Walter B.Willis (10)

Bruce Willis is the first child of the couple David Willis dam Warlene. Men was born in 19 March 1955, West Germany had a sister named Florence and two brothers David and Robert. He was raised as a child in the military in Germany, but in 1957 he and his family moved to New Jersey after David retired from the army and turned-welder of factory workers.
He has a habit childhood stutter, however he managed to get a critical role in the drama school. Even his love of acting on stage actually help cure his stutter. Since then, her is getting seriously want to explore the world of acting.

Walter B.Willis (2)Bruce Willis smile

He lives changed after 15 years, ever since his parents divorced. He should help finance the family’s life, after high school, Willis did not go on to college but he went to work as a security guard at the Salem Nuclear Power Plant. Bruce adolescence was spent with often changing jobs.

Walter B.Willis (5)Bruce Willis with daughters

He had undergone drama courses at Montclair State University, not long after he moved to New York to pursue his dream. While working in a cafe frequented by these celebrities, he was eager to pursue the opportunity to get acting offers.
Good luck finally began to approach him, he’s got a chance to act on broadway acting in the drama “Heaven and Earth (1977). Tiha years later he managed to get a role in his first movie” The First Deadly Sin “(1980), but he only just got through only role in the film.

Walter B.Willis (4)Bruce Willis daughters picture

Willis never gave up in his activities as an actor, he eventually went to the audition from one city to another, after struggling he managed to get a lead role as a private detective David Addison Jr., through the ABC TV series “Moonlighting” (1985 s / d 1989). Thanks to the play in the film, he won first award as Outstanding Lead Actor in Drama and the Golden Globe award for Best Performance by an Actor in a TV Series Musical Comedy.

Walter B.Willis (8)Bruce Willis – Die hard movie

Amid the production of TV series, he’s also got an offer for a leading role as cop John McClane in Die Hard (1988). Die Hard became the biggest-selling movie and got a profit of about 140 million dollars more. With the success of the first film, the 20th Century Fox then made some sekual where Bruce re-enact the police officer in Die Hard 2 (1990), Die Hard with Vengeance (1995), Live Free Or Die Hard, Die Hard 5 and A Good Day To Die Hard. He also witnessed some movies that explode in the film industry such as Cop Out, The Expendables 1 and The Expendables 2.
Apart from being an actor, Bruce was a good father figure, from him first marriage to Demi Moore (1987-2000), he has three daughters that Rumer Willis, Scout Larue and Tallulah Belle Willis.

Walter B.Willis (3)Bruce Willis beard

Marriage to Demi Moore has foundered, but their relationship is still good, which is then married to Ashton Kutcher. Soon he had an relationship with the actress who played in the movie “Bay Watch”, Brooke Bums, but after 10 months they relate their rumored split. In 2009 Bruce married British model, Emma Herming, he held a wedding ceremony in Beverly Hills and reportedly wants to get Bruce back a baby from the second marriage.

Walter B.Willis (1)     Walter B.Willis (6)

Walter B.Willis (7)  Walter B.Willis (9) Walter B.Willis (10)Bruce Willis smile


Bradley Cooper, Famous Hollywood Actor Biography

Bradley Cooper Body

Who does not know Bradley Cooper? yes, the handsome actor who was born in Philadelphia, January 5, 1975, Bradley Cooper is the couple’s son Charlie Cooper and Gloria Campano. The actor who is fluent in French started to like acting when he heard of the school drama program which prints the famous actors like Jack Nicholson and Robert De Niro. Graduated from college at Georgetown University, Bradley then sign up to the Actors Studio Drama School.
Bradley Cooper (1)Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper (2)
It did not take long, after he was educated at the drama school, girlfriend Renee Zellweger was successfully debuted as an actor on the hit TV sitcom, “Sex and The City”, he played alongside veteran actress Julia Roberts and also got an offer to become one of the main adventure TV presenter on the show that aired in the UK, “Globe Trekker”. Along with the first appearance, the name Bradley began as a famous actor. His name skyrocketed when Bradley was chosen to portray the character of Sydney Bristow reporter and friend, Will Tippin, in the TV drama series, “Alias”. He also managed to get a bid to play in comedies like “Wedding Crashers” and “Failure to Launch”. The ability to act can also be seen in some of the box office movie “He’s Just Not That Into You”, “All About Steve”, “Valentine’s Day” and, “The A-Team.

Bradley Cooper (3)

Bradley Cooper (4)

Bradley Cooper (5)
As a young actor, Bradley has received several nominations, among which in the MTV Movie Award for Best Comedic Performance for his role as Phil Wenneck in the film comedy “The Hangover”. She also won an award at the prestigious Golden Raspberry Awards or commonly known Razzie Awards, the award for worst movie, for the category – Worst Screen Couple for her role as Mary Horowitz idol of the heart (Sandra Bullock), Steve Muller, in the movie “All About Steve”.

Bradley Cooper Body
Bradley Cooper Body Pics
Bradley Cooper Body
Bradley Cooper was married to actress Jennifer Esposito in late 2006. In May 2007, it was reported that Esposito had filed for divorce. In September 2010, it was reported that Cooper and actress Renée Zellweger had been in a relationship for over a year On March 18, 2011, People reported that the couple had ended their relationship. Many media said the rift caused by Bradley Has any one relationship with the actress, but she was denied.

Bradley Cooper Girlfriend (1)

Bradley Cooper Girlfriend (2)
Bradley Cooper Girlfriend
Bradley Cooper Girlfriend (3)

Rihanna Us Young Singer, Actress, Producer, Director

Rihanna (4)

A phenomenal singer, “Umbrella” was born right on 20th February 1988 in Saint Michael, Barbados. Born with the name Robyn Rihanna Fenty or nicknamed Riri. In fact, for a Rihanna also start from empty to achieve great success. Plunge into the world of music in 2005 and immediately managed to occupy the number one in the popular music charts in several countries. Any music that she sang always managed to captivate the listeners music in the world. Being “black Madonna” is the desire of Rihanna. Madame Tussauds Wax museum feature 3, she wax figure, first in the Washington DC (USA), both in Vienna (Austria) and a third in Berlin (Germany).
Rihanna (1) Rihanna (1)

Rihanna New 2013 Pic

Rihanna (2)

The Other Side of a Rihanna

Rihanna tattos

Many media are interested in tattoos owned by rihanna. She has 13 tattoos of fruit spreads in the body and one of them is “Never a failure, always a lesson” that was in her chest. In addition to wrestle the world of singing, Rihanna also become an actress, producer, director, and author of both the songwriter or author. In 2006, Rihanna created Belive Foundation is a foundation to help children who are seriously ill. She is also the title of Ambassador for Culture and Youth in Barbados.


Rihanna (3) Rihanna (4)

Based on the record pointing Contemporary Black Biography Diva Rihanna as Rhythm and Blues (R & B) with the International sensation. It is very natural for teenagers beautiful and sexy with a distinctive voice and melodious get a lot of awards and nominations at the prestigious music event-event in the world. Here are some of the records from the list of awards and nominations that she managed to achieve:

“Music of the Sun” as the Best Reggae / Dancehall Album, Album of the Year in Barbados Music Awards in 2006
“Pon de Replay” as Best Dance Single, Song of the Year Best New Artist, Entertainer of the Year, Female Artist of the Year, Best-Selling Female Artist of the Year in Barbados Music Awards in 2006

“Umbrella” as Hot Dance Airplay Song of the Year, European Hot 100 Song of the Year on the Billboard Music Awards in 2007
“Do not stop the Music” as Best Dance Recording in the Grammy Awards in 2008

“If I Never See Your Face Again” as Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals in Grammy Awards in 2009

“Run This Town” for Best Rap / Song Collaboration, BESR Rap Song in the Grammy Awards in 2010

Won Favorite Female Artist Soul / R & B in 2007, 2008, and 2010 in the American Music Awards.

“Love the Way You Lie” as Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Best Rap / Song Collaboration, Best Short Form Music Video in the Grammy Awards in 2011 and many more.sss

Rihanna Hot Body

Rihanna hot (2) Rihanna hot (3) Rihanna boyfriend 2

Rihanna With her Boyfriend

Katy Perry Popular Singer Golden Vice With Beautiful Face

Katy Perry Rore pic (1)

Katy Perry is one singer who is quite popular lately. She was one celebrity long enough to attract attention. This firework singer besides having a beautiful golden voice is also blessed with a beautiful face. Katy who began a career in the entertainment industry since 1999, managed to update the image as a public figure in recent years. So she was becoming much media attention. Not just a matter of a new album or the world of entertainment that is often highlighted media, her business and personal issues of Katy also enough to attract attention. Katy is widely known as a singer also further develop her talents by writing a few songs and playing a few movies. Now her popularity has also brought some degree and got a lot of nominations. One of which was nine times nominated in the Grammy Awards, she also earned a Billboard moneymakers in the 2011, as well as the Billboard Women of the Year in 2012.
Katy Perry (1)

Katy Perry (2)

Katy Perry (3)

Katy Perry (7)

Career As an Actress
Perry who have entered the world of entertainment for a long time can be quite experienced in singing. But it turned out beautiful singer’s full name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, also has a lot of contributed her voice not only in song but also in several animated films. She also several times had the honor to play in the national television series. This certainly adds to her popularity as celebrities. Among some of the films supported by perry is:
The Smurfs
How I Met Your Mother
Raising Hope
Katy Perry: Part of Me
The Smurfs 2
The Roar

Katy Perry Rore pic (1)

Katy Perry Roar Pics

Katy Perry Rore pic (2)


The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Backstage

Katy Perry News After Divorce From John Mayer
Of the news circulating perry once again have failed to establish a marriage relationship. After previous relationships perry wedding to comedian Russell Brand. But both decided to divorce in 2012. re-establish a special relationship with musician John Mayer, but in couple of months both also rumored to have split. Even according to the news reported by the media, perry feel to break is the best way. Even perry’s friend said “It does not hurt as bad and not as experienced as separate from Russell”. From the news that has been circulating perry does look better enjoy life with lots of friends. And also reported from LOS ANGELES that katy will join the tour travel vacation with some Hollywood celebrities like Robbert Pattin-son and Kristen Stewards.

Katy Perry Boyfriend (2)

Katy Perry With Boyfriend John Mayer

Katy Perry Boyfriend (3)

Katy Perry Hot (1)

Katy Perry Hot

Katy Perry Hot (2)

Katy Perry Hot (3)

Kate Moss Super Model Of UK

Kate Moss hot

Kate Moss (1)Kate Moss is a woman who is known by her profession as a professional super model. Kate is one of the models from the UK. As long as she career as a model, Kate is also trying to develop other professions as entrepreneurs fashion products. It seems Kate did not just want to be a model of the other products, she is also developed her own several products under her name. Well, as a super model it is certainly easy enough to achieve. She had a career since 1993 has now been quite successful in marketing her products in addition to continue a career as a model from multiple companies. Her pretty face come into consideration for most companies, not only in the field of fashion to make her as the icon of the company, or just work with her to increase the selling value of the company’s products.

Kate Moss (2)

Kate Moss (4)

Fakta dan profile

Kate full name Kate Moss, she was born on January 16, 1974 in Croydon, Surrey England. As a female model height is a necessity has been owned by Kate at least it has reached 172 cm in height. Her body is quite ideal and the profession as a model, has made her got many offers from several companies. As an international model as well, kate incorporated or are under some agencies in some countries. But of course the big agency or center in london, the company is the Storm Model Management. However in some other countries kate is also part of several other management such as IMG in New York, Marilyn Agency in Paris and d’management group in Milan. Certainly from some management that support her, kate increasingly have many opportunities to further develop her talents and have more income in the range of the world.

Kate Moss Boyfriend (1)

Kate Moss With her Husband

Kate Moss Boyfriend (2)

Kate Moss drug (1)

Kate Moss Addicted in drugs

Kate Moss drug (2)

Kate Moss hot

Kate Moss Hot Model

Kate Moss hot

Latest News
From the news reported from several media sources moss return working with a company to develop the her new product. But this time moss holding a company in the field of Japanese food named Sushi Shop which is in French. The form of the product is a box for sushi. This meal box designed by kate with a capacity of as many as 40 pieces of sushi. Not only that for the cover we can see the name of kate moss adorn the top. The city also decorated with some twinkling beads are beautiful. To be able to buy this box we only need to pay for 38 pounds, we can buy it at all stores sushi shop.

Kate Moss with Daughter (1)

Kate Moss 2013 News With Her Daughter

Kate Moss with Daughter (2)

Chris Brown American Singer And His Girlfriend Rihanna

Chris Brown (4)

Chris Brown is one of the famous singers whose voices are not in doubt. RnB genre that became one of music followed by Chris has become one of the songs that occupy the highest order of the tracks in several countries. The songs are easy to listen combined with hip hop, RnB, pop makes Chris one singer who is quite talented in his field. Distinctive voice also makes his popularity as celebrities are increasing rapidly. Since his debut in the year 2004 most of the songs are sung by a brown hits and quite popular with many people. Fans were not only in America, he even has fans all over the world.
Chris Brown (1)

Chris Brown Rihanna Tattoos

Chris Brown (1)

Chris Brown (2)

Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Chris Brown (3)

Chris Brown Makes Album Country?

Although in the world of romance chris very complicated, but in matters of the songs and singing is one thing that went smoothly for him. Try some new creations presented in plan of the new song in the next album, as reported by the media is a kind of country song. Does this plan would invite a lot of response of fans and fellow musician of brown, because the genre is pretty much change. But chris said his opinion by saying “Music is for everyone. When you messing boxed genre of music, then you split it. And I do not want to, I want to always be able to do any kind of music I want. When I get older, I might want to release a country album. Whatever it is, I want to try to be creative with different types of music.

Chris Brown (4)

Chris Brown (5)

Chris Brown (6)

Chris Brown (7)

Chris Brown and Rihanna Relationship

When we talk about the special relationship that has been undertaken by brown, of all people already know right? one woman who has always been associated with the news about the special relationship with brown of course is phenomenal singer Rihanna. Although both have a slightly complicated relationship, but the news about the two continues. Just a few days ago it was rumored that Brown had returned to establish a close relationship with Rihanna. Even had the news spread that rihanna pregnant with brown. But the news was denied by rihanna directly via twitter. And so far their relationship back off.

Chris Brown Girlfriend Rihanna (1)

Chris Brown and Rihanna

Chris Brown Girlfriend Rihanna (2)

Even a man named Drake who is a musician also announced openly that he had a relationship with a former girlfriend of brown. The reason behind their breakup, as has been reported in the media are those seen in recent fights. Brown and recently also got some insults of musicians named drake that says “His position (Chris Brown) is not safe to make my music much better than him. I also sing pop from him, I wonder if the woman he loved finally fell into my arms”.

Chris Brown Girlfriend Rihanna (3)

Chris Brown With Girlfriend Rihanna

Chris Brown And Karrueche Hit Suru For A Shopping Spree

Marta Domachowska Polish Tennis Player Pictures

Marta Domachowska (1)Marta Domachowska, born on January 16th, 1986 in Warsaw is a Polish professional tennis player. In singles she is ranked World number 37 and World number 62 in Doubles. She started playing tennis at the age of seven. Her parents are retired. Mother, Barbara was the owner of a jewelry store and father Wieslaw had his own construction company. She uses Wilson’s brand racquet. Polish, English, Russian and Spanish are the four languages she can speak. Marta Domachowska enjoys swimming and football other than tennis. Marta is engaged to a freestyle ex-world champion swimmer Pawel Korzeniowski. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Music, shopping and watching movies with her fiancé are the things she is fond of.

Marta Domachowska (2)

Marta Domachowska (3)

In 2001, Marta Domachowska lost in the first round in her appearance at the WTA tournament.  Marta Domachowska won her first two ITF singles titles along with her doubles title. In 2003, she reached the semifinals of the Australian Open Junior Championships. She won her third singles title in this year and was ranked number 244 in singles at the end of this year. She made her debut in 2004 by listing herself in the top 100. She was ranked number 74 despite disqualifying for the French Open, Wimbledon and US Open. Her record for the year was 42-40 in singles and 12-9 in doubles.

Marta Domachowska

Marta Domachowska (5)

Result wise 2005 was supposed to be the best for Marta Domachowska. Her debut for the top 50 was made in this year. She compiled a 24-26 singles record and 14-16 doubles record. She achieved a new singles career at number 37 in 2006 but later due to injuries she was ranked number 90 at the end of the year. In 2007, she won an ITF doubles title in Rome. She was ranked number 143 in singles and number 240 in doubles in this year. She reached to the top 100 at number 82 in 2008 Australian Open. She represented Poland at the Summer Olympics in the singles draw. And in 2009 she managed to reach the quarter finals of Istanbul.

Marta Domachowska (POL)

Marta Domachowska (7)

Marta Domachowska hot

Marta Domachowska (8)

Gymnast Nastia Liukin Biography And Pictures

nastia liukin (1)

Nastia Liukin, the only daughter of two champion gymnasts Anna and Valeri Liukin born on 30th October, 1989 is a retired Russian gymnast. Her father is the first Olympian to perform three back flips on the floor. Anna Kotchneva, her mother, was the World Champion in 1980s in rhythmic gymnastics. Her father won gold in 1988 when he was with the Soviet team. He also won a gold medal on the high bars and silvers on the parallel bars. She was coached and influenced by her parents, at the gym they owned called WOGA, at a very early age of two and a half years.
nastia liukin (1)

Nastia Liukin

Nastia Liukin career took off in the US Classic in 2002. She earned top five placing on both uneven bars and floor exercise and got bronze and silver medals. She was placed 15th in the National Championships. In 2003, she was a part of the U.S. team that took gold at the Pan Am Games. She achieved a world title on the uneven bars in 2005. 2005 was a new beginning for her as a Senior International Elite. Nastia Liukin qualified to represent the USA on uneven bars and beam. She won all-around gold medal, silvers on bars and beams and bronze on floor in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. She won three world medals i.e. gold in 2005, silver in 2006 and 2007 at the US nationals on uneven bars.

espy awards press room 160709

nastia liukin (4)

Nastia Liukin ability and natural beauty won her international recognition as an athlete and celebrity. She starred in many commercials for Adidas during the 2004 Olympics, AT&T in 2007 with Deion Sanders and Visa. She played several cameo appearances on American television shows, including episodes of Gossip Girl, The Biggest Loser and gymnastics movie Stick It. Nastia Gold and Super Girl are her two clothing lines. The Nastia Liukin Club held in conjunction with The American Cup became an annual competition in 2010.

nastia liukin boyfriend

Nastia Liukin boyfriend

nastia liukin boyfriend

nastia liukin gymnastics

Nastia Liukin hot gymnastics star

nastia liukin modling

nastia liukin (3)

Will Smith Most Powerful Actor In Hollywood

Will Smith Personal life

Will Smith married Sheree Zampino in 1992. They had a son, Willard Christopher Smith, also known as “Trey”, but divorced in 1995. Trey appeared in his father’s music video for the 1998 single “Just the Two of Us”.Smith married actress Jada Pinkett in 1997. Together they have had two children, who appeared as his daughter in I Am Legend. Along with his brother, Harry Smith. Smith was consistently listed in Fortune Magazine’s “Richest 40″ list of the forty wealthiest Americans under the age of 40. He donated $4,600 to the presidential campaign of Democrat Barack Obama.
will smith  (1)

Will Smith

will smith  (2)

Will Smith is the only actor to have eight consecutive films gross over $100 million in the domestic box office, and ten consecutive films gross over $150 million internationally and the only one to have eight consecutive films in which he starred open at #1 spot in the domestic box office tally. Sixteen of the twenty fiction films he has acted in have accumulated worldwide gross earnings of over $100 million, and four took in over $500 million in global box office receipts. As of 2012, his films have grossed $6.36 billion in global box office. He received Best Actor Oscar nominations for Ali and The Pursuit of Happiness.

will smith  (3)

will smith  (4)

Will Smith smiling mode

Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2009

will smith  Family (1)

Family and early work

He was raised Baptist. His parents separated when he was thirteen, but did not actually divorce until around 2000. Will Smith started as the MC of the hip-hop duo DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, with his childhood friend Jeffrey “DJ Jazzy Jeff” Townes as turntablist and producer as well as Ready Rock C as the human beat box. The threesome was known for performing humorous, radio-friendly songs, most notably “Parents Just Don’t Understand” and “summertime”. They gained critical acclaim and won the first Grammy awarded in the Rap category (1988).

Willow Smith, Jaden Smith, Will Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith

Will Smith With Family

Premiere of "Kit Kittridge: An American Girl" - Arrivals

will smith Wife (2)

Will Smith Career and biography

Willard Christopher “Will” Smith, Jr. (born September 25, 1968)is an American actor, producer, and rapper. He has enjoyed success in television, film and music. In April 2007, Newsweek called him the most powerful actor in Hollywood. Will Smith has been nominated for four Golden Globe Awards, two Academy Awards, and has won four Grammy Awards. In the late 1980s, he achieved modest fame as a rapper under the name The Fresh Prince. In 1990, his popularity increased dramatically when he starred in the popular television series The Fresh Prince of Bell-Air. The show ran for nearly six years (1990–1996) on NBC and has been syndicated consistently on various networks since then. Smith moved from television to film, and ultimately starred in numerous blockbuster films.

Natasha Kai Professional Soccer Player

Natasha Kai  (2)

Natasha Kai  (8)

Natasha Kai, born on May 22nd, 1983 is an American professional soccer player and Olympic gold medalist. She is a partial Hawaiian, Chinese and Filipino descendant. She is very close to her family and loves spending time with them. Her younger sister also played soccer at Hawaii. Natasha Kai loves to meet new people and enjoys traveling and singing. Her father Benny kai is a professional singer at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

At the age of five, the tendons in her foot were severely hurt as she accidentally stepped on a glass bottle. Despite of the doctor’s disappointment that she might never be able to run again, she completely recovered from the foot injury.
Natasha Kai  (2)

Natasha Kai

Natasha Kai  (3)

Natasha Kai Career

As a freshman, Natasha Kai set eight school records, three freshman records and four conference records. As a junior, she led the team to score 12 goals with five assists. Including three goals in overtime, seven of her goals were game-winners. She scored single goals in nine straight matches and multiple goals in eight matches, including four hat tricks. As a senior, she scored 15 goals with four assists. She was one of the aggressive players and owns the WAC career shots record (446). She scored 72 goals in 73 matches. Kai brings a little spunk to the team.

Natasha Kai tattoo

Natasha Kai’s distinctive tattoos are paid the most attention. She has 60 plus tattoos. She has two entire sleeve tattoos on her left and right arms. She has tattoos all over her body including her legs, arms, feet, hands, her back, chest, the front and back side of her neck. Along with the tattoos, she also has two lower lip piercings.

Natasha Kai was an experienced athlete who learned in cross-country, basketball, track and volleyball, as well as soccer. Hawaiian, Chinese, Filipino and Caucasian descent and her habit of wearing mismatched shoes is her impressive ethnic heritage.

Natasha Kai hot skull tattoos

Natasha Kai  (5)

Tamira Paszek Wimbledon Champion Austrian Tennis Star

tamira paszek wimbledon (6)

Tamira Paszek was born on December 6, 1993 in Dornbirn, Austria. Tamira Paszek is a famous Austrian tennis player. Her mother being a tennis player was an inspiration for her. Her mother Francoise Paszek exposed her to tennis at the age of 4 and her father Ariff Mohamed lives in Canada coached her. This exceptional talent that she possessed at a young age is amazing.
tamira paszek wimbledon (1)

Tamira Paszek

Austria's Tamira Paszek plays a double-h

tamira paszek wimbledon (3)

Tamira Paszek became the finalist at the Girl’s Single Championship at Wimbledon in 2005 and at the US open in 2006. At the Banka Coper Slovenia Open, she won a wild card for WTA in 2006. In 2007, her win against Tatiana Golovin and Elena Dementieva pushed her up from 54th seed to 35th seed. Her total career earnings are almost 1,950,725 USD. She enjoys playing at all surfaces. In 2008, Tamira Paszek beat world number one Ana Ivanovic in Rogers Cup in Montreal. In 2009, she started her professional relationship with Angel Giminez. In 2010, she played in the 2010 Us Open and 2010 Bell challenge. She was ranked number 89 in 2011. She began 2012 poorly, losing the first five tournaments which she played. She represented Austria in Olympics. She got defeated in the first rounds of the events in final tournaments of the year.

Austria's Tamira Paszek acknowledge the

Tamira Paszek Wimbledon

tamira paszek wimbledon (6)

Tamira Paszek admires her mother for being by her side at every single moment. Italian, Mexican and Japanese are her favorite foods. Reaching Wimbledon girl’s final and playing first WTA match at Linz are the most memorable moments for Tamira. She describes herself as calm, friendly, honest and hard-working and enjoys spending time with family. Traveling, competing against the world’s best players and fulfilling her dreams are her favorite things about being a professional tennis player. She is ranked number 1 in Austria and number 31 in the world.

Tamira Paszek hot tennis stars

tamira paszek wimbledon (8)

Ashley Harkleroad Hot Playboy Girl And Tennis Star

Ashley Harkleroad swim suite beach

Ashley Harkleroad was an auspicious junior player, ranking on the top of the USTA’s 18-and-unders in the year 2000 and ranked Top 10 in the ITF’s girls in 2001. In her pro specialty, she achieved her topmost ranking, No. 39, in the year 2006. She made her Fed Cup initiation in 2008, and aided the Americans to beat Germany by winning her two singles matches adjacent Sabine Lisicki and Tatjana Malek. Ashley became the first tennis player to act for Playboy, making the front of the August 2008 issue, Ashley with her coach and fiancé named Charles Adams.Ashley HarkleroadAshley Harkleroad career not ever really took off and by the year 2006 she had bleached in the world mature rankings, with 39th being her topmost career rank. She did command on the third round of the Australian Open in the year 2007, and won two singles matches to lead the American team to a first-round victory over Germany in the year 2008 named Federation Cup. She took time off to give birth to a baby in the year 2009, and has had played few matches since.Ashley Harkleroad convert pro in the year 2000. In the year 2001, Ashley signed a contract with shoemaker named Nike. She got married fellow tennis pro Alex Bogomolov, Jr. in the year 2004, when her age was 19 and he was 21. They took divorce in year 2006, and then Ashley married her coach, Chuck Adams, in 2009. They have a son, named Charlie, born on 30 March in the year 2009.Ashley Harkleroad hotIn the year 2002, Ashley Harkleroad had a top 200 conclusion, Ashley first ever in her professional occupation. Then, in the year ’03, she was able to overwhelm matches adjacent three top 20 finalists, making it her ace up until that point. In the year 2007, Ashley Harkleroad goes to the Hopman Cup after Venus Williams dropped out of the contest. However, she only ranked at position No. 67 by the end of that tennis match season.Ashley Harkleroad playboy magazine coverYear 2008 was the big year for Ashley Harkleroad, not because of playing tennis exceptionally well but because of her officially announced of her posing in Playboy magazineAshley Harkleroad cute

ashley harkleroad doggy style

Ashley Harkleroad fucc you

Ashley Harkleroad Hot Pictures 2013   Ashley Harkleroad sexy tennis star

Ashley Harkleroad swim suite beach

Ashley Harkleroad tennis

Ashley Harkleroad won